I’m on sale! For $25AUD an hour I’m yours (payment via paypal).

I’m also on Fiverr where I’ll do some things, for $5!.

For specifics, see my LinkedIn profile.

Skills and experience:

  • Building a website – hosting, domain name, themes and basic design (example: this blog, this website or my projects on the resources page
  • Internet marketing: simple and basic, for newbies – SEO, social media, website optimisation, building back links, etc;
  • Email lists: setting up an email list, managing newsletters and automated messages, strategies to grow your email list;
  • Online business – choosing a business model, defining your audience and your topic, designing a product, branding, tracking finances, hustling;
  • Digital products: develop, market and sell an ebook or online resource (example);
  • Personal finance: analyse spending, establish budgets, manage savings and automate your finances;
  • Cocktails: mobile cocktail barman for hire;
  • Software system implementation: workflow analysis, interface design, change management, stakeholder management;
  • Project Management – system implementations, financial management, event planning;
  • Business Analysis – business process design, system design;
  • Other: Elearning development, travel research and planning.

To discuss anything, contact me.

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