Mobile Flash *yawn*

OK first post, gotta start somewhere I guess (apparently, that’s before you set up your blog, style, fonts, footers, pages…)

Found this from John Gruber over at Daring Fireball interesting:

Ed Baig, listing the pros and cons in his Nexus 7 review:

Pro. Thin and light at sweet price. Jelly Bean. Excellent screen. Fast, fluid. Includes $25 spending credit.

Con. No cellular connectivity. No rear camera. Fewer tablet-specific apps. Limited storage.

Three months ago, here’s Baig listing the pros and cons for the iPad 3 (emphasis added):

Pro. Stunning screen, 4G speeds (on certain models), decent dictation and improved camera optics. Strong battery. Apps galore.

Con. Shooting with camera can be awkward. No Adobe Flash. No camera flash. No expanded storage

Baig called out the iPad 3’s lack of Flash Player support in the article itself, too. No mention of Flash whatsoever in the Nexus 7 review. Funny how the lack of Flash Player support was only a problem with Apple devices.

Does anyone even care about no flash anymore?

I’ve barely noticed it missing since 2008.

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